reminisce FX

no boundaries.  no rules.

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radio re-imagined. FREE. NO COMMERCIALS.

live. loud. dope

    Jeanette Lawsen


    “I have enjoyed listening to the reminisce FX programming.”

      – Ronald Rambo

      Keaau, HI

      “One of the best stations on the Internet today. It’s like finding a shining gem floating in a sea. Your station is superior in many ways–I love the variety, the mixes, and especially the ‘pillowtalk’ segment.”

        Carlton Harris

        “Please let me thank you for doing such a great job. I appreciate what you do greatly.

          August Moss


          “Thank you for your great work! There are very few quality online stations left today and you are one of them!”

            Tammi Jenkins


            “Hi reminisce FX! Oh My god, thank you so much- oh my goddess- I really love your station- THANK YOU!”


              Student, New Mexico

              “It is refreshing to hear a radio program that plays what I want to hear- not what makes me want to change the station.”

              - Tameka Kimbrough
                - Tameka Kimbrough

                Atlanta, GA

                “I just wanted to tell you how much I love your radio station. My family moved here last June from Connecticut and am so happy that we found your station. There was nothing like it back in CT as far as I know.”

                the FX story.

                A Multi-Genre 'Urban Contemporary, R&B, Reggae and Hip-Hop' platform

                We are the world’s first Multi-Genre Mash-up platform and has held a dominant position in Atlanta for over 6 years. Best known for being the world’s premier source for an “All Music” culture.

                We promise to never interrupt the music, not even for one minute – Serving the BEST hits of the 90’s to today; add in the best Mash-ups, Mixes, and never before heard versions of your favorites – An experience unmatched by any other radio station in the region.